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Floriani Stabilizers

Floriani Stabilizers

Floriani Color Keep Topping - NEW! Commercial Size Rolls
Floriani Sew-Fab Foam Floriani's Template Tearaway
Floriani's Batting Floriani's Pefect Stick
Floriani's Wet N Gone Floriani's No Show Mesh
Floriani's Wet N Stick Floriani's Stitch N Wash
Floriani's Tearaway Floriani's Heat N Stay
Floriani's Cutaway Floriani's Heat N Gone
Floriani's Water Soluable Topping Floriani's Heat N Sta Fleece
Floriani's Stitch N Shape Floriani's Appli-Kay Wonder
Floriani's Dream Weave Floriani's Heat N Shrink
Floriani's Press N Bond

Floriani Cutaways

Floriani’s No Show Nylon Mesh
One of the most difficult problems with traditional stabilizers is having the ugly square show through light colored fabrics. This problem is solved with No Show Nylon Mesh, made of soft, sheer, translucent embossed nylon. It does not require multiple layers, which add bulk. Invisible to the eye when viewed from the front. When softness is critical, as it is with fabrics such as lightweight knits and wovens, you will find No Show Nylon Mesh to be very comfortable to the wearer. Retains its soft hand, even after embroidering and laundering with sheer fabrics as well. Available in white and beige. Click here for more details.

Floriani’s No Show Fusible Nylon Mesh
This version of Nylon Mesh will adhere to the back of the garment, which prevents stretching during the hooping/embroidery process. No Show Fusible Nylon Mesh allows the user to avoid environmentally harmful adhesive sprays and eliminates the need for basting. The adhesive backing is activated by a
low-temp (260 degree) iron for a strong, secure hold. It not only provides stability for embroidery, it can also be fused onto the garment after the embroidery is complete to keep scratchy stitches from touching the skin. Stabilize delicate fabrics such as silks, satins, taffetas and lame` for embroidery and handwork. Colors include white, black and beige. Click here for more details.

Floriani’s Cutaway Medium
When stability is the priority, Floriani’s Cutaway Medium offers the no-stretch properties you need to provide support for light to medium stitch count designs on most weights of knits and wovens. One layer provides all the support you should need for smooth embroidery results. Click here for more details.

Floriani’s Cutaway Heavy
For your heavy-duty jobs, Floriani’s Cutaway Heavy will keep stitches from disappearing in fleece, knits, and sweaters. It offers a non-stretching base to ensure that the embroidery holds its shape for the life of the garment, whether a medium or heavy stitch density is used. It’s also ideal for home decorating projects such as curtains, pillows, and upholstery. You only need one layer for most applications because it’s made with the wet-laid non-directional process which provides the ultimate in stability. Click here for more details.

Floriani Tearaways

Wet N Stick
Wet N Stick is a tearaway hoopless stabilizer specifically designed for hard-to-hoop items. Wet N Stick is an adhesive-backed stabilizer that allows you to secure socks, neckties, bags, belts and more so they can be easily embroidered. Use the handy grid lines to keep your design straight! Click here for more details.

Heat N Sta
Heat N Sta is a fusible tearaway stabilizer that is perfect for stabilizing lightweight wovens that tend to shift; such as quilt quality cottons, fine
linens, shirt weight denims, etc. Heat N Sta is soft and sheer, completely removable and leaves no fiber residue. Click here for more details.

Stitch N Wash
Stitch N Wash is made up of both soluble and non-soluble fibers making it a perfect choice for embroidery on linen, batiste and delicate cottons.
Because it will wash out, you will not have any shadows behind your design or spend long hours picking out stabilizer! The non-soluble fibers will stay within the embroidery even after washing. It is also ideal for heirloom or decorative machine stitching. Another fun application is to use it in your printer to copy foundation quilt patterns for easy and accurate paper piecing! (Stitch N Wash® does not dissolve in water alone. It needs to be agitated with
a mild detergent and water or in a washing machine.) Stitch N Wash is now also available in a fusible version. Click here for more details.

Floriani Water Solubles


Wet N Gone
Wet N Gone is a unique choice when your embroidery calls for a water soluble stabilizer. Wet N Gone is a fibrous product, unlike films, and will do a superior job in supporting stitches. Click here for more details.

Wet N Gone Fusible
Wet N Gone Fusible is the perfect choice for embroidery on see through fabrics. It will prevent movement of the fabric during the embroidery and hooping process because it is fusible yet totally rinses away. Click here for more details.

Floriani Water Soluble Topping
Floriani Water Soluble Topping is a necessary ingredient for embroidery on high pile fabrics such as towels, fleece or even knits. One layer on top of the garment will result in elevated embroidery that won't sink into the fibers of the fabric. Click here for more details.

Stitch N Wash Tearaway
Stitch N Wash Tearaway is the perfect choice for open work type embroidery on light weight cottons and linens. Once the stabilizer is wet, it is easily torn away without distorting stitches. Click here for more details.