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Jenny Haskins Magic Stabilizers


Jenny Haskins Magic Line of Stablizers

Jenny Haskins Magic Line of Stabilizers ... A Touch of Magic With EVERY Stitch!

Jenny Haskins is known for beautiful embroidery and extraordinary quilts. Now you can enjoy the Magic Range of products packaged for Jenny and create your very own "Magic" treasures.

Jenny's Cutaway Magic - Sheer Lightweight Fusible Cutaway

Gives your delicate knits and stretch fabrics a secure foundation without adding bulk when embellishing with embroidery or needlework. Click here for more details.

Jenny's Dissolve Magic - Woven Water Soluble Stabilizer

Use Dissolve Magic Stabilizer to create elegant perfect lace, free standing embroideries or appliqués. Stabilize your most sheer, delicate fabrics such as organdy and netting for flawless embroidery! Click here for more details.

Jenny's Dissolve Magic Sticky - Pressure Sensitive Water Soluble

Use Dissolve Magic Sticky for delicate embroidery in hard to reach areas or for fabrics that can be damaged by the hooping process. Click here for more details.

Jenny's Heat Magic - Heat Removable Stabilizer

Use Heat Magic to keep embroidery stitches elevated and uniform on the surface of high pile and textured fabrics. Because Heat Magic is removed with the touch of an iron, it is ideal when embellishing or embroidering luxury fabrics such as velvet, silk, and linen. Click here for more details.

Jenny's Hoop Magic - Pressure Sensitive Tearaway Stabilizer

With Hoop Magic Stabilizer embroidery in almost any area is achievable! Hoop this remarkable stabilizer, remove the release paper and then stick your item to be embroidered in place, it is that simple! Enjoy the stability of a firm yet flexible stabilizer that will support all types of embroideries on most fabrics. Click here for more details.

Jenny's Quilt Magic - Light Fusible Quilt Fleece

Enjoy the softness and flexibility of this super light, fusible quilt batting/fleece. Now you can create "non-bulk" quilted garments such as jackets and vests that drape and move freely with your body. Click here for more details.

Jenny's Sheer Magic - Fusible Sheer Support for Delicate Fabrics

There are many delicate fabrics such as silk, satin, dupioni, taffeta and others that can be damaged by the embroidery process. The constant needle penetration on the light fibers can cause shredding and distortion. Sheer Magic creates a protective barrier for the stitching to form in without changing the drape or feel of the fabric. Click here for more details.

Jenny's Sheer Magic Plus - Fusible Woven Support for Dense Embroidery on Light Fabrics

Adding embroidery to some fabrics can cause distortion. This can be due to the density of the embroidery or the lack of thread count in the fabric. Adding a high stitch count embroidery design to fabrics like quilt cotton, batiste or silk can cause puckering and/or uneven outlines. Click here for more details.

Jenny's Tearaway Magic - Eco-Friendly 1.5 oz Tearaway

This eco friendly tearaway stabilizer is ideal for airy, open work embroidery designs on light cottons and linen. It's unique because it is made up of partially water soluble fibers. Click here for more details.

Jenny's Tearaway Magic Fusible - Fusible, 1.5 oz Tearaway

Use Tearaway Magic to embroider your most delicate woven fabrics with perfection! The light fusible coating will prevent stretching of the fabric during the hooping process and will prevent the design from shifting while your machine is embroidering. Click here for more details.

Jenny's Template Magic - Self Adhesive Embroidery Design Placement Paper

Ever wonder how Jenny creates such large gorgeous embroidery ensembles with perfection? Now you will know her secret! Print a template of each of your embroidery designs on Jenny's new Template Magic from your embroidery software. Click here for more details.

Jenny's Water Soluble Magic - Water Soluble Topping

Water Soluble Magic is an essential tool every embroiderer needs in their stabilizer selection! Use this clear topping on the surface of most fabric types to keep stitching elevated and relaxed. Click here for more details.

Jenny's Web Magic - Pressure Sensitive Fusible Webbing for Applique

Create perfect appliqué for quilts, home dec items and garments with ease using Jenny's Web Magic. Printable sheets allow you to print the appliqué image directly on Web Magic or simply trace your own design! Click here for more details.