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AquaMarine Ambience  - SAVE 20%!

AquaMarine Ambience - SAVE 20%!

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Aquamarine Ambience

Aquamarine Ambience was inspired by the colors of the sea as they change with the water's depth; one color merges into another as the light reflects off the water, and shadows seem to hover just above its surface. So too do the fabrics, threads and embroidery of this quilt all seem to merge. The colors, texture and luster of the fabrics and threads seem to glisten and shimmer to create a special ambience that an aquamarine sea evokes for so many of us; those whose souls find peace in the sights, sounds and smell of the ocean. As each wave brings its own unique form, movement and color, so too does each block of Simon's quilt.

Aquamarine Ambience (a quilt made by Simon for his friend Kristina Hickey's 30th birthday) is his second original quilt following the sell-out success of Simon's Folly (Creative Expressions Special by the same name, published by Pride Publishing in 2005).

So it is again with considerable pride and excitement that Jenny presents his latest quilt to avid machine-embroidery quilters.

FREE CD is included with Aquamarine Ambience.
The CD includes all of the designs to make each project featured in the book.

Jenny Haskins Aquamarine Ambience