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Floriani Top 100 Thread Colors

Floriani Top 100 Thread Colors

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Floriani Top 100 Spool Thread Set

Floriani 100% Polyester Embroidery Thread has a beautiful sheen that is brighter than most rayon’s, and yet it has all the strengths of 100% polyester. It is manufactured with a tinsel strength designed to run smoothly on any machine including high speed commercial embroidery machines.

This set includes 100 beautiful colors that are 40 Weight Polyester Threads and come in 1000m/1100yd Cones.

    Color     Color
PF0005 Neon Orange PF0521 Cornsilk
PF0009 Safety Yellow PF0522 Straw
PF0010 Neon Citron PF0523 Goldenrod
PF0013 Viridine Green PF0535 Golden Poppy
Floriani Pristine Blue PF0055 Pristine Blue PF0537 Carrot
PF0103 Pink PF0544 Amber Yellow
PF0105 - Laurel Pink PF0105 Laurel Pink PF0546 Snapdragon
PF0106 Dark Pink PF0561 - Old Ivory PF0561 Old Ivory
Floriani Wisteria PF0130 Wisteria PF0591 Shell
PF0172 Orange PF0600 Viola
Floriani PF0173 Wildflower PF0173 Wildflower PF0624 Afterglow
PF0190 Scarlet PF0626 Deep Iris
PF0192 - Deep Rust PF0192 Deep Rust PF0665 Deep Violet
PF0194 - Burgundy PF0194 Burgundy PF0674 Russian Violet
PF0198 Wine PF0688 Grape Jelly
PF0200 - True Green PF0200 True Green PF0689 Concord Grape
PF0220 Wintergreen PF0695 Purple Passion
PF0228 - Cape Green PF0228 Cape Green PF0702 Fire Engine Red
PF0229 - Lime PF0229 Lime PF0738 - Arab Tan PF0703 Arab Tan
PF0232 Spring Green PF0720 Turtledove
PF0233 Irish Green PF0721 Golden Sand
PF0257 - Holly Ggreen PF0257 Holly Ggreen PF0723 Birch
PF0273 - Key Lime PF0273 Key Lime PF0730 Off White
PF0275 - Mineral Green PF0275 Mineral Green PF0731 Sandstone
PF0277 - Green Meadow PF0277 Green Meadow PF0735 Aztec Tan
PF0291 Seafoam PF0737 India Spice
PF0306 Imperial Blue PF0739 Cleveland
PF0357 Navy Blue PF0739 Cleveland
PF0358 - Navy Satin PF0358 Navy Satin PF0743 - Old World Buff PF0743 Old World Buff
PF0360 Dark Navy PF0745 - Harvest Brown PF0745 Harvest Brown
PF0361 - Lt. Blue PF0361 Peppermint PF0749 - Mahogany PF0749 Mahogany
PF0362 - Pastel Blue PF0362 Pastel Blue PF0755 Burnt Orange
PF0363 - Twinkle Blue PF0363 Twinkle Blue PF0778 Amber Beige
PF0368 Royal Blue PF0800 - Pure White PF0800 Pure White
PF0369 - Blue Frost PF0369 Blue Frost PF0809 Nude Gold
PF0370 Mint Julep PF0900 - Dark Pansies PF0900 Black
PF0371 - Tahoe Blue PF0371 Tahoe Blue PF1013 Iceland
PF0372 - Blue Pacific PF0372 Blue Pacific PF1081 - Pink Rose PF1081 Pink Rose
PF0373 California Blue PF1120 Lafayette Rose
PF0434 - Pewter PF0434 Pewter PF1514 Light Bronze
PF0436 Graphite PF3433 Pretty Blue
PF0451 Lt. Taupe PF3763 Baby Blue
PF0452 Taupe PF4251 Medium Gray
PF0453 Dark Taupe PF4321 Medium Gray
PF0461 Medium Grey PF4613 Charcoal
PF0484 Country Gray PF7986 Brownstone
PF0486 Slate Gray PFK33 Blue Harmony

Gun Metal Gray

PFK37 Aqua
PF0489 Charcoal Gray PFK38 Deep Violet Purple
PF0501 Chrome Lemon PFY40 - Pink Passion PFY40 Pink Passion