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New Floriani 120 Set 2

New Floriani 120 Set 2

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Code:  F120TS2
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Floriani 120 Spool Thread Set 2 - NEW!

This is the second of three 120 spool sets containing the newest Floriani colors. If you purchase all three sets you will have all 360 of the current Floriani colors, including the 30 new colors added in fall 2017.

Floriani 120 threads Set 2
Threads Included:
PF0004 Indian Orange PF0004 Indian Orange PF0485 Gray PF0485 Gray
PF0005 Neon Orange PF0005 Neon Orange PF0486 Slate Gray PF0486 Slate Gray
PF0011 Chalcedony Yellow PF0011 Chalcedony Yellow PF0489 Charcoal Gray PF0489 Charcoal Gray
PF0015 Incandescent Orange PF0015 Incandescent Orange PF0501 Chrome Lemon PF0501 Chrome Lemon
PF0017 Dreamsicle PF0017 Dreamsicle PF0522 Straw PF0522 Straw
PF0055 Pristine Blue PF0055 Pristine Blue PF0524 Old Athletic Gold PF0524 Old Athletic Gold
PF0074 Medieval Teal PF0074 Medieval Teal PF0525 Athletic Gold PF0525 Athletic Gold
PF0101 Pale Pink PF0101 Pale Pink PF0526 Bijou PF0526 Bijou
PF0104 Rosetta PF0104 Rosetta PF0534 Pumpkin PF0534 Pumpkin
PF0106 Dark Pink PF0106 Dark Pink PF0544 Amber Yellow PF0544 Amber Yellow
PF0110 Pale Peach PF0110 Pale Peach PF0546 Snapdragon PF0546 Snapdragon
PF0133 Powder Puff PF0133 Powder Puff PF0562 Walnut Taffy PF0562 Walnut Taffy
PF0135 Renaissance PF0135 Renaissance PF0563 Old Gold PF0563 Old Gold
PF0139 Medium Purple PF0139 Medium Purple PF0565 Harvest PF0565 Harvest
PF0140 Light Coral PF0140 Light Coral PF0578 Volunteer PF0578 Volunteer
PF0143 Dark Coral PF0143 Dark Coral PF0614 Slate Lilac PF0614 Slate Lilac
PF0156 Persimmon PF0156 Persimmon PF0626 Deep Iris PF0626 Deep Iris
PF0163 Soapstone PF0163 Soapstone PF0635 Arab Plum PF0635 Arab Plum
PF0169 Coral Reef PF0169 Coral Reef PF0653 Spring Beauty PF0653 Spring Beauty
PF0170 Cantaloupe PF0170 Cantaloupe PF0654 Orchid PF0654 Orchid
PF0173 Wildflower PF0173 Wildflower PF0675 Luxury PF0675 Luxury
PF0182 Misty Maize PF0182 Misty Maize PF0703 Ruby Red PF0703 Ruby Red
PF0190 Scarlet PF0190 Scarlet PF0711 Incan Gold PF0711 Incan Gold
PF0195 Russet PF0195 Russet PF0720 Turtle Dove PF0720 Turtle Dove
PF0210 Miranda Green PF0210 Miranda Green PF0730 Off White PF0730 Off White
PF0219 Green Mist PF0219 Green Mist PF0734 Oak Bluff PF0734 Oak Bluff
PF0220 Wintergreen PF0220 Wintergreen PF0740 Pale Orange PF0740 Pale Orange
PF0236 Ashen Green PF0236 Ashen Green PF0749 Mahogany PF0749 Mahogany
PF0237 Bean Green PF0237 Bean Green PF0765 Satin Sheet PF0765 Satin Sheet
PF0238 Olive Drab PF0238 Olive Drab PF0767 Muted Spice PF0767 Muted Spice
PF0252 Spearmint PF0252 Spearmint PF0769 Dark Cinnamon PF0769 Dark Cinnamon
PF0253 Pale Green PF0253 Pale Green PF0779 Dark Grey PF0779 Dark Grey
PF0263 Pale Jade PF0263 Pale Jade PF0784 Light Sienna PF0784 Light Sienna
PF0264 Medium Green PF0264 Medium Green PF0786 Berkshire Brick PF0786 Berkshire Brick
PF0266 Emerald Green PF0266 Emerald Green PF0796 Provincial Rose PF0796 Provincial Rose
PF0296 Granite PF0296 Granite PF0800 Pure White PF0800 Pure White
PF0306 Imperial Blue PF0306 Imperial Blue PF0801 Ice Cap PF0801 Ice Cap
PF0308 Dark Blue PF0308 Dark Blue PF0809 Nude Gold PF0809 Nude Gold
PF0332 Periwinkle PF0332 Periwinkle PF0842 Willow Leaf PF0842 Willow Leaf
PF0342 Slate Blue PF0342 Slate Blue PF0850 Lamp Light PF0850 Lamp Light
PF0344 Pilgrim Blue PF0344 Pilgrim Blue PF1014 Dusty Rosee PF1014 Dusty Rose
PF0357 Navy Blue PF0357 Navy Blue PF1021 Buff PF1021 Buff
PF0360 >Dark Navy PF0360 Dark Navy PF1051 Singapore Sunset PF1051 Singapore Sunset
PF0369 Blue Frost PF0369 Blue Frost PF1053 Summer Sunset PF1053 Summer Sunset
PF0371  Tahoe Blue PF0371 Tahoe Blue PF1081 Pink Rose PF1081 Pink Rose
PF0373 California Blue PF0373 California Blue PF1082 Rose Cerise PF1082 Rose Cerise
PF0376 Indian Ocean PF0376 Indian Ocean PF1083 Begonia PF1083 Begonia
PF0391 Beryl Blue PF0391 Beryl Blue PF1084 Hibiscus PF1084 Hibiscus
PF0395 Blue Cedar PF0395 Blue Cedar PF1119 Impatience PF1119 Impatience
PF0294 Pine Green PF0416 Penguin PF1121 China Rose PF1121 China Rose
PF0421 Wood Ash PF0421 Wood Ash PF1514 Light Bronze PF1514 Light Bronze
PF0436 Graphite PF0436 Graphite PF2011 Light Olive PF2011 Light Olive
PF0451 Light Taupe PF0451 Light Taupe PF3761 Blue Hint PF3761 Blue Hint
PF0452 Taupe PF0452 Taupe PF3764 Parisian Blue PF3764 Parisian Blue
PF0453 Dark Taupe PF0453 Dark Taupe PF4352 Dark Grey/Blue PF4352 Dark Grey/Blue
PF0461 Chrome PF0461 Chrome PF4845 Pale Grey PF4845 Pale Grey
PF0462 Silver PF0462 Silver PF5681 Sonoma PF5681 Sonoma
PF0482 Delicate Pearl PF0482 Delicate Pearl PF6351 Ocean Blue PF6351 Ocean Blue
PF0483 Light Gray PF0483 Light Gray PF6657 Dark Purple PF6657 Dark Purple
PF0484 Country Gray PF0484 Country Gray PFK33 Blue Harmony PFK33 Blue Harmony