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New Floriani 30 Colors Set

New Floriani 30 Colors Set

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Thread Set Special! 30 NEW COLORS

Just as leaves fall from the trees this time of the year, some of the most beautiful colors suddenly appear! Floriani’s 360 polyester thread line is discontinuing 30 colors, and in doing so, we are introducing 30 BRAND NEW COLORS and we’ve bundled these new 30 additions in one set! If you are a long time or even brand new Floriani thread fan, YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS THIS!
Floraini 30 New Thread Colors
PF0015 Incandescent Orange PF0015 Incandescent Orange PF0424 Medium Gray Brown   PF0424 Medium Gray Brown
PF0130 Darker Lilac PF0130 Darker Lilac PF0456 Chateau Dark Grey   PF0456 Chateau Dark Grey
PF0152 Candy PF0152 Candy Delicate Pearl   PF0482 Delicate Pearl
PF0169 Coral Reef PF0169 Coral Reef PF0592 Sedona   PF0592 Sedona
PF0173 Wildflower PF0173 Wildflower PF0740 Pale Orange   PF0740 Pale Orange
PF0193 Cherry PF0193 Cherry Green Brown   PF0846 Green Brown
PF0197 Black Cherry PF0197 Black Cherry PF1703 Rose Peta   PF1703 Rose Peta
PF0239 Dark Grey Green PF0239 Dark Grey Green PF1715 Fuschia   PF1715 Fuschia
PF0246 Summer Green PF0246 Summer Green PF2014 Rosemary   PF2014 Rosemary
PF0272 Apple Green PF0272 Apple Green PF2016 Oregano   PF2016 Oregano
PF0276 Royal Sage PF0276 Royal Sage PF3762 Robins Egg   PF3762 Robins Egg
PF0331 Little Boy Blue PF0331 LIttle Boy Blue PF4575 Ash Gray   PF4575 Ash Gray
PF0354 Crystal Sea PF0354 Crystal Sea PF4535 Grey #2   PF4835 Grey #2
PF0395 Blue Cedar PF0395 Blue Cedar PF4845 Pale Grey   PF4845 Pale Grey
PF0396 Wild Blue Yonder PF0396 Wild Blue Yonder PF5681 Sonoma   PF5681 Sonoma