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Floriani Template Tearaway

Floriani Template Tearaway

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Floriani Template Tearaway

Getting our embroidery designs placed in the appropriate position can be time consuming and frustrating. Placement of an embroidery design in a bordered area such as a quilt square or pocket can also present a challenge for even the most skilled embroiderer. Template Tearaway gives you the visual help you need to make your hooping experience much easier. The 8.5" x 11" sheets are ready to print and work on almost all types of printers and copiers. Use your favorite embroidery software to print out a template of your design, peel back the protective paper and stick the Template Tearaway to the fabric or garment for an accurate hooping guide! Use to combine intricate patterns for borders or large multi-hoop designs……accuracy doesn't get any easier!

To use:

  1. Load one sheet of Template Tearaway in your printer's paper tray.
  2. Print the design template from your embroidery software. This should include a light print of the actual design, cross hairs running through the center of the design to aid in alignment and a line around the entire perimeter of the design to show the outer most points.
  3. Trim the template tearaway if desired to the outer perimeter of the printed design. (Most software has the option to print a square around the design to show the outer most stitching points)
  4. Peel back the release paper to expose the sticky surface.
  5. Stick the template tearaway to the fabric in the desired position, re-position if needed. Follow one of the two sets of directions below for hooping your fabric.

Option 1 for setting up the fabric to be hooped (Marks on Fabric):

  1. Pierce the printed "cross-hairs" running through the design using a water soluble or air erase pen or pencil. This will make small dots on the fabric.
  2. Remove the template tearaway and re-adhere it to the release paper for later use.
  3. Connect the dots drawn on the fabric to form a plus sign on the fabric.
  4. Using the lines as a guide, hoop the fabric. Be sure to align the lines on the fabric with the lines on the inner hoop of your embroidery frame.
  5. Embroider! Perfect hooping could never be easier!

Option 2 for setting up the fabric to be hooped (No Marks on Fabric):

  1. Lay the inner part of the embroidery frame on the surface of the item to be embroidered. (The Template Tearaway will be inside the frame stuck to the garment.)
  2. Align the cross hairs on the Template Tearaway with the lines on the embroidery hoop as closely as possible.
  3. Slide the outer frame under the garment or fabric and hoop the item. *Tip - Use a few pieces of Wonder Tape by Collins on the underside of your embroidery frame to keep it from shifting while you hoop!
  4. Lower your needle by turning the hand-wheel of your machine to make sure the design is aligned in the center. If you were off, simply use your machines centering feature to move the design until the needle drops in the center of the printed Template's cross hair lines.

Floriani's Template Tearaway Product Identity

FTT 8 1/2" x 11" 25 pieces per package