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Floriani 100 Spool Thread Set 2

Floriani 100 Spool Thread Set 2

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Floriani 100 Spool Thread Set 2

Floriani 100% Polyester Embroidery Thread has a beautiful sheen that is brighter than most rayon’s, and yet it has all the strengths of 100% polyester. It is manufactured with a tinsel strength designed to run smoothly on any machine including high speed commercial embroidery machines.

This set includes 100 beautiful colors that are 40 Weight Polyester Threads and come in 1000m/1100yd Cones.

    Color     Color
PF0008 Bermuda Pink PF0358S Midnight Navy
PF0011 - Chalcedony Yellow PF0011 Chalcedony Yellow PF0366 Bluejay
PF0023 Shocking Pink PF0367 Blueberry
PF0074 - Medieval Teal PF0074 Medieval Teal PF0376 Indiate Ocean
PF0083 Raspberry Rhapsody PF0378 Deep Sea Turquoise
PF0101 Pale Pink PF0383 Venice Blue
PF0104 Rosetta PF0393 Italian Blue
PF0110 Pale Peach Blue Cedar PF0395 Blue Cedar
PF0111 Light Peach PF0411 Palm Leaf
PF0129 Deep Pink PF0416 Penguin
PF0135 Renaissance PF0421 Wood Ash
PF0137 Fandango Delicate Pearl PF0482 Platinum
PF0140 Light Coral PF0485 Gray
PF0141 Coral PF0488 Dark Gray
PF0143 Dark Coral PF0502 Dandelion
PF0147 Terra Cotta PF0514 Golden Glow
Baby Pink PF0151 Baby Pink PF0516 Autumn Gold
PF0180 Pink Flesh PF0524 Old Athletic Gold
PF0182 Misty Maize PF0532 Sunrise
PF0188 Iron Rust PF0534 Pumpkin
Old Roseleaf PF0196 Old Roseleaf PF0540 Cream
Chocolate PF0199 Chocolate PF0571 Pale Peach
PF0206 Wreath Green PF0578 Orange
PF0210 Miranda Green PF0601 Zephyr
PF0219 - Green Mist PF0219 Green Mist PF0622 Geisha
PF0221 Neptune PF0661 Light Violet
PF0222 Teal PF0672 Amethyst
PF0223 Dark Teal PF0673 Lavendar
PF0238 Olive Drab PF0676 Royal Purple
PF0243 Winter Spring PF0696 Regal Purpple
PF0244 Celery PF0700 Mars Red
PF0245 Woodland Green PF0711 Incan Gold
PF0252 Spearmint PF0713 Antique Bronze
PF0255 Evergreen PF0733 Sudan
PF0261 Mint PF0751 Sweet Melon
PF0262 Nile PF0784 Light Sienna
PF0264 Medium Green PF0785 Sienna Brown
Apple Green PF0272 Apple Green PF0801 Ice Cap
Royal Sage PF0276 Royal Sage PF0811 Angora White
PF0308 Dark Blue PF0813 Frontier Tan
PF0310 Colony Blue PF1085 Violet Red
PF0312 Gettsburg PF1586 Cabernet
PF0314 Federal Blue PF2011 Light Olive
Crystal Blue PF0331 Crystal Blue PF2040 Blue Azure
PF0332 Periwinkle PF2042 Aquamarine
PF0335 Midnight Blue PF3761 Blue Hint
PF0342 Slate Blue PF3878 Dark Navy
PF0344 Pilgrim Blue Gray PF4835 Gray
PF0352 Moderate Blue PF2042 - Aquamarine PF4845 Aquamarine
Costal Sea PF0354 Costal Sea Solar Blue PFK07 Solar Blue